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Mulch Installation

Protect your Plants!


Let the experts at Proactive Property Maintenance Team do the work of spreading mulch and compost to increase your landscaping beauty. We can install various types of landscaping materials to fit the requirements of your property needs. Spreading compost and wood chips onto your garden beds and throughout your landscaping offers a host of benefits to your property including:

1. Adds the finishing touch to any planting bed
2. Adds nutrition to soil as it breaks down
3. Protects plant roots from winter temperatures
4. Moderates soil temperature
5. Helps conserve water by holding in soil moisture
6. Inhibits weed germination and growth


Ensure healthy growth by letting our crew of professionals at Proactive Property Maintenance add mulch to the areas of your landscape that require it, carefully and efficiently, so your plants and shrubs are safe. 


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