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Water Features

The Ultimate Addition to Your Landscape


Water features take your outdoor space to the next level.  The combination of water’s sound, movement and reflective qualities are what bring out the “wow” and “cool” from all who visit your home. Ornamental ponds can bring a wide variety of fish, foliage and flowers into your garden, while the sounds of moving water from a fountain can create a space for quiet introspection and relaxation. Bubbling fountains, a tranquil pond, a babbling brook, or a glass-like fall of water are examples of what Proactive Property Maintenance can create at your outdoor scenery. 


Proactive Property Maintenance can install unique and impressive water features outside your doorsteps like the following:

1. Majestic fountains
2. Waterfalls
3. Water gardens complete with colorful aquatic plants
4. Ponds
5. Flowing creeks
6. Attractive drainage systems

We guarantee satisfaction with every job we do!


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